Outlining in accounting – In the field of debt repayment in accounting, we provide a full range of accounting services.

We help to eliminate accounting and tax debts.

On the basis of the source documents received from the Customer for the previous reporting periods (months, quarters, years), we re-post them on the basis of the tax and balance sheet law, tax returns, financial statements and annual settlements for natural persons. Outlining is necessary in various cases, ie:

  • Self-keeping books,
  • Wrong tax settlements,
  • Loss of accounting records,
  • No current book keeping.

What distinguishes us is not only the effectiveness of the operation, but first and foremost professional accountant. Warsaw is the home of many solid accounting offices, but few of them are trying to educate clients about financial management as we do.

Outlining in accounting

Outlining in accounting (taxes, records, books, etc.) – we save you stresses and hassles related to:

  • Estimation of the scope of work, labor intensity,
  • Execution of the schedule of actions,
  • Agree with the authorities and state offices deadline to supplement arrears,
  • Performing overdue postings and records,
  • Preparation of overdue tax returns and financial statements,
  • The transcript of the updated financial and accounting documentation of the indicated entity.


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They receive support from us in the form of consultative meetings and telephone conversations.

In our offer you will also find the possibility of sending the declaration in electronic form.

Clearance of arrears

The e-declaration shipping service requires the UPL-1 power of attorney. Both the granting of the power of attorney to sign the declaration by means of electronic communication as well as the service of sending is free of charge.

Power of Attorney (UPL-1) is exempt from stamp duty.