Establishing a business

Polish law enables entrepreneurs to set up and operate a business using a number of legal options:

  1. Commercial law companies,
  2. Personal companies,
  3. economic activity.

Depending on the type of activity conducted, the projected revenue amount and the size of the project, each entrepreneur has to decide which of the possible forms of activity will be appropriate for his business. It is often the case that the decision of such entrepreneurs is taken up without knowing all available legal forms.


Prior to registering a one-person business, you must decide:

  1. About the company (name) of the business,
  2. About business activity (NACE),
  3. About the legal form.

Establishment of a company (a capital company) subject to the provisions of the Commercial Companies Code is subject to registration in the register of entrepreneurs of the National Court Register. This involves the need to apply for registration in the National Court Register. Applications to the National Court Register can be submitted in person or by mail and electronically. Most often, applicants choose the traditional way of applying. Remember to follow the single window procedure.

We invite you to consult our company and get acquainted with the most important information from the perspective of the founder of the company regarding legal possibilities of establishing a company in Poland.