Accounting services (including: additional services) run by our Accounting Office are very broad. It includes keeping accounting books, representing the client before institutions such as the Tax Office, the Social Insurance Institution.

The MAGFIN “Accounting service – additional services” carries out its services to the highest standards, provides the customer with easy access to information and bears full civil liability for the services provided.

Accounting service – additional services performed as required:
Sporządzanie i złożenie innych wymaganych deklaracjiAdditional services of the accounting office

1. Preparation and submission of other required declarations Accounting Service

  • PCC.

2. Data update


3. Reporting for the statistical office, banks and other state institutions.

4. Current accounting support

  • contacts with the tax office, statistical office.

5. Customer representation

  • according to the Power of Attorney received.

Closing of the financial year:

  1. Preparation of financial statements.
  2. Collaboration with an auditor in the audit of financial statements.
  3. Preparing annual testimony and other tax returns.


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In today’s times, good accounting is a solid foundation for any business. The most advantageous form of outsourcing is today – outsourcing, ie commissioning of accounting matters for professionals. This is a convenient and cost-effective solution because unlike internal accounting, it is flexible and free of extra work-related pay.

We bring to your disposal our knowledge, experience and commitment!