Our accounting office provides Business consulting and specialized financial and entrepreneurial services. At MAGFIN, we know how complex today’s business market can be, especially for small businesses.

What is business consulting?

To help entrepreneurs achieve success, MAGFIN offers business consulting services for small and large companies. Carried out in the form of specialized online or offline consultations. Comprehensive consultancy activities aimed at implementing appropriate solutions that have a direct impact on the organisation and management of a company. May also include strategic consulting.

Business consulting - Poland

Consulting is a partnership process in which an experienced business advisor provides guidance and solutions tailored to a company’s individual needs. Our company, MAGFIN, specializes in business consulting, offering clients a personalized approach to the development of their business.

What does economic consulting involve?

Business consulting covers a wide range of activities that aim to improve the functioning of a company. Through the implementation, with our help, of the plans, analyses and statements developed, the business management will be an easy and pleasant task.


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Every enterprise must have its financial liquidity under control, which is of great importance for the proper functioning of the company on the market and the continuation of its activities. We create a set of services, tailored to the needs of our clients.

Our business advisory services focus on various areas, such as:

  • Company audit.
  • Development strategy.
  • Dealing with authorities, including Social Security (ZUS).
  • Representation of the client in case of inspections by budgetary institutions (Tax Office, ZUS, National Labour Inspectorate (PIP)).
  • Forms of running a business.
  • Financial management (cost optimisation).
  • Training and development of employees and much more.

Our team of experienced experts is ready to provide concrete and effective solutions to help your business succeed.

When is business consultancy needed?

The need for business consultancy can arise at various times in your business:

  1. When you start a business and need support in developing a business strategy.
  2. When you encounter difficulties in running your business and need help in restructuring it.

Whether you are a small business owner or a large enterprise, our business advisory services are tailored to your needs.

To summarise:

MAGFIN is a partner you can rely on for business consulting. We help companies in all aspects of their business, from market analysis to implementing business strategies. Trust us to achieve business success.

Through our specialist business strategy consultancy services, we help our clients understand their market, their competition and develop strategies for success. We offer a pleasant collaborative style, and a fixed price.

Contact us today for more details. Discover how our business consultancy services can help your business achieve a higher level of success.
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