MAGFIN – is an intermediary between workers seeking employment and employers in Poland, and its job offer is updated on a regular basis. Finding employment at a recruitment agency is faster than at the Labor Office, where the waiting time for a vacant position is much longer.

No matter what stage of the recruitment process you are at, you can always count on the support of our company.

Employment agency - MAGFIN

We can easily find jobs for high-level specialists and people with the most sought-after professions. The company offers permanent employment and flexible working conditions, permanent and foreign recruitment, as well as employee outsourcing.

MAGFIN offers search and selection of candidates, as well as staffing and billing services for employees. Employers can tap into a database of organizations in various fields and benefit from support costs. The contract between the agency and the employer defines the scope of tasks, including the appearance and selection of candidates.

We will find you the ideal employee who will meet your requirements and be able to increase the value of your company.

An employment agency focuses on providing support to unemployed people and job seekers to help them find a job with the right skills. Employers, in turn, can count on us to help them get employees with the required skills and experience.

As part of our activities, we search for job vacancies and disseminate them using various sources, including an online database of job vacancies, which the Minister of Labor allows us to access. We also assist employers in the selection of job candidates, providing them with valuable information on potential employees.

We keep abreast of the local labor market and constantly monitor its situation and anticipated changes. We keep both the unemployed and employers informed in order to help them make the right decisions regarding recruitment or job search.

Why choose MAGFIN for your job search?

  • Availability and voluntariness of job placement services for job seekers and employers;
  • equality, meaning that every unemployed person and job seeker should be assisted in finding employment or other forms of income without regard to gender, age, disability, race, religion, nationality, political opinion, union affiliation, ethnicity;
  • transparency, which means that each reported job vacancy is made available to unemployed persons and job seekers.