Legalization of foreigners is a very important issue in Poland, because many foreigners come here for work, study or tourism.

In order to stay and work legally in Poland, foreigners must go through the process of legalizing their stay. Without the implementation of this process, foreigners will not have the right to employment, residence and use of other public services.

What makes us stand out?

We submit complete applications, thanks to which we obtain positive decisions within the deadlines.

However, the process of legalizing foreigners in Poland is complex and requires appropriate knowledge and experience. That is why there are offices for foreigners that offer comprehensive services to foreigners in Poland, including the process of legalizing their stay.

MAGFIN is just such a foreigners service office in Warsaw. MAGFIN has had experience since 2011 and offers many services necessary to ensure legal residence and work of foreigners in Poland.

In addition, the foreigners office also offers advice and support in case of questions and problems related to the process of legalizing your stay. You can count on professional help in solving any difficulties that may arise during this process.

The foreigners service office in Warsaw offers services in Polish, English, Russian and Ukrainian, which facilitates the process of communication and understanding for foreigners.

Service for foreigners, work permit, residence card for foreigners who came to Poland – we help to arrange all formalities related to staying in a new country.

We provide comprehensive advice and professional care in the field of legalization of stay and employment of foreigners in Poland. Our services are addressed to both natural persons and entrepreneurs employing foreigners.

Services for foreigners - MAGFIN

Support in contacts with authorities

Assistance in negotiations, initiation of business meetings and assistance in obtaining visas for employees. We respect your time, so we offer mediation in contacts with offices, diplomatic missions, consulates and administrative authorities.

We provide a customized offer

All the services we offer are tailored to the needs of customers and individually tailored to specific expectations.

Example categories of foreigners who need to legalize their stay in Poland:

  1. Students: foreigners who want to study in Poland must obtain a residence permit and a D-type visa to stay legally in the country for the entire period of study. Otherwise, students break the law and may be fined, deported and banned from entering Poland.
  2. Employees: foreigners who want to work in Poland must also obtain a residence permit and a work permit. Without these documents, employees can face fines and deportation.
  3. Entrepreneurs and investors: foreigners who plan to start a business in Poland or invest in the local economy must obtain a residence permit and a work permit if they plan to participate in the management of their company.
  4. Refugees and people in need of international protection: People who are fleeing persecution in their home country and seeking refuge in Poland must obtain the appropriate documents to be recognized as refugees or people in need of international protection.

Reasons for migration

Some people are forced to leave their countries because of conflicts and wars. because the situation poses a threat to their lives and health. Ukraine is currently in a state of conflict with Russia. Or residents of Crimea and Donbass may also face problems with relocation and legalization in other countries.

In addition, some people are forced to leave their countries because of political persecution, racial or national conflicts, religious strife, social instability or violence against women and children. For example, there is a civil war in Syria, violence is on the rise in Afghanistan. And in Congo, many people live in constant fear.

Our company is ready to provide the necessary assistance in this process and in obtaining the necessary documents. We understand that these processes can be complicated and stressful. That is why we do our best to help our clients successfully complete the legalization procedure in Poland. We serve clients in different languages.

Legalization of stay and work for foreigners in Poland

It is a complicated process that requires knowledge of immigration law and the Polish language. Violation of legalization rules leads to misunderstandings, delays and serious consequences for foreigners and employers.

MAGFIN specializes in helping foreigners in Poland. Our company offers comprehensive solutions for foreigners in dealing with formalities related to the legalization of stay and work.

When it comes to legalizing the stay of a foreigner from outside the EU, we help in obtaining appropriate visas and temporary residence permits, EU resident or permanent residence permits in Poland.

Legalization of work is another important area of ​​our activity. We help employers in completing the formalities related to the employment of foreigners in Poland. We offer assistance in obtaining various types of work permits, declarations of entrusting work ( the Republic of Armenia, the Republic of Belarus, the Republic of Georgia, the Republic of Moldova or Ukraine ), registration with the Social Insurance Institution, etc.

Our company offers comprehensive solutions for foreigners in the process of legalization in Poland. Our services are fast, effective and accurate, and experienced specialists are always ready to help.

We provide services for people who want to stay legally in Poland.

Below is a list of comprehensive MAGFIN services for foreigners. It is not complete, if you need help in any other area, please contact us. Click on the link to learn more about the service.

We mediate and help in settling matters for foreigners:

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Our services - go to the page "Temporary Residence and Work Permit" - MAGFIN

Our services - go to the page "Work Permit" - MAGFIN

Our services - go to the page "PESEL number" - MAGFIN

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Our services - go to the page "Residence Permit for EU Long-term Resident" - MAGFIN

Our services - go to the page "Starost’s Opinion" - MAGFIN

Our services - go to the page "Company registration" - MAGFIN

Our services - go to the page - Service for foreigners

Our services - go to the page "Permanent Residence Permit" - MAGFIN

Our services - go to the page "Declaration on entrusting work to a foreigner" - MAGFIN

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We also help in solving other cases of foreigners*:

  1. Assistance in foreigners’ tax declarations, annual PIT forms.
  2. Driving License replacement (Polish Driver License).
  3. Sworn translations.
  4. Car registration in Poland.
  5. Advice and assistance in the purchase of real estate by foreigners.
  6. Administration and all formalities related to accommodation.
  7. Finding flats for rent.
  8. Financial services: loans, investments, consulting.
  9. Certificates of no criminal record.
  10. Certificates from the Tax Office.

*If you didn’t find what you were looking for, please write to us immediately or call us. We provide comprehensive service for foreigners in Poland!

To sum up the topic: Service for foreigners

Advice for foreigners on legalizing their stay in Poland is the first step. And at the same time it is a very important and demanded service for people from abroad staying in our country. Thanks to professional assistance, foreigners can effectively solve any problems related to legalization of their stay in Poland.

Counseling for foreigners covers a wide range of activities. Starting from the initial analysis of the client’s situation, choosing a suitable form of stay and finishing with the fulfillment of all formalities. Our specialists have the necessary experience and knowledge in the field of migration law. This allows us to provide our clients with the highest quality services.

The benefits of legalizing your stay in Poland are invaluable:

  1. Freedom of movement around the country and the EU.
  2. Legal and high-paying work with social security: paid sick leave and holidays.
  3. Using various public services.
  4. Obtaining a loan or mortgage, which is especially important for people planning to stay in Poland.


Conversely, the status of illegal stay in the country may have many negative consequences for a foreigner.

May run into problems:

  1. While looking for a job.
  2. In medical care.
  3. When opening a bank account.
  4. Concluding lease agreements.

and a lot more.

In addition, irregular migrants are always at risk of departmentalization. Which can lead to loss of jobs, family ties and repatriation costs. Therefore, it is important to seek the help of a professional to avoid unnecessary problems and risks.

Start with the simplest one – Consultation for Foreigners !

It is an investment in the future that allows you to obtain a stable and legal status in Poland. Thanks to this, foreign clients have the opportunity to achieve their goals. In addition to this, to make a career that contributes to the development of the whole country.

Attractive prices and reliability of services are the main advantages of our company.

We adjust our services to the needs and preferences of the client.

Service for foreigners – We guarantee professional support and customer satisfaction with the services we provide.

We guarantee support at every stage of the legalization of stay and employment process.

Our experts will take care of you comprehensively.

As our client, you will be supported by an individual consultant. Who will help you to solve any problem related to legalization in Poland.

Feel free to contact us and cooperate!