Permanent residence in Poland – why is it important? Possession means you are a legal resident of Poland. This document allows the foreigner to stay freely in the country without any restrictions. It does not require additional verification of the ability to stay in Poland.

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What are the requirements?

Issued in the cases specified in Art. 195 Para. about someone else and applies to:

  1. A minor child born to a Polish citizen under his care.
  2. A minor child of a foreigner with a permanent residence permit or a long-term residence permit for an EU resident. In this case, the child continues to be subject to parental authority:
    • He was born after obtaining a permanent residence permit of a foreign parent (or a long-term resident of the EU).
    • Born when the parent had a valid temporary residence permit. Or during his/her stay in Poland. In this case, these permits are considered humanitarian, sanctioned. Or related to the reception of refugees or a form of protection.
  3. Spouses who are Polish citizens, subject to the following conditions:
    • They have been married according to Polish law for at least 3 years before submitting the application.
    • The applicant must have permanently resided in Poland for at least two years (before submitting the application). On the basis of a temporary residence permit due to marriage with a Polish citizen. Or on the basis of refugee status, subsidiary protection or humanitarian reasons.
  4. A person of Polish origin who plans to live in Poland for a longer period. And at least one of his parents or grandparents is of Polish descent.
  5. A holder of a Polish ID card who intends to stay permanently in the territory of the Republic of Poland.

Who else can get a permanent residence card?

  1. A victim of human trafficking who:
    • before submitting an application for a period of one year, the applicant must have a temporary residence permit.
    • cooperated with law enforcement authorities in criminal proceedings regarding an offense under Art. 189a § 1 PC.
    • he experiences intense fear at the thought of returning to his homeland.
  2. Foreigners who, before completing the application, had been staying on the territory of the Republic of Poland for 5 years as a refugee. A person subject to protection or for humanitarian reasons.
  3. Foreigners who, on the day of completing the application, have been staying in the Republic of Poland without interruption for 10 years on the basis of a residence permit.
  4. Foreigners who have been granted asylum on the territory of the Republic of Poland.

If the foreigner is a minor, first of all, the application indicated by the court parent or guardian or one of the parents or guardians appointed by the court.

In the case of minors over 6 years of age, personal presence is required on the day of submitting the application – noteworthy. Children under the age of 6 do not need to be fingerprinted.

This license is granted for an indefinite period. On this basis, the card is issued for 10 years. In addition, equally important in the case of children under the age of 13, the document is collected by their legal representative or guardian.

In fact, separately, foreigners with a permanent residence permit do not need to obtain work permits. There is an annotation on the card: Access to the labor market.

What are the fees for applying for a permanent residence card?

License – PLN 640. Please attach proof of payment.

You only need PLN 100 to collect your residence card.

Card Polska holders are also exempt from stamp duty.

Documents required to apply:

  1. first of all – 2 copies of the application; for foreign children under 13 – only one copy;
  2. as well as 4 fresh (from the last 6 months), undamaged, color (uniform background) photos measuring 35 x 45 mm, which should be placed in a specially designated place;
  3. further valid travel document (2 copies); in the case of a foreigner under the age of 13 – 1 copy;
  4. in addition, if necessary, confirm the stamp payment;
  5. in addition, equally important documents required to confirm continuous stay in Poland.

All attachments prepared in a foreign language must, of course, have a certified copy in Polish. This must be done by a sworn translator.

What are the conditions for permanent residence?

If you plan to live in Poland permanently, you really need to apply for a residence permit. Really IMPORTANT: directly, as soon as possible on the last day of legal stay in Poland. The card will only be issued after fingerprinting. If you are a foreigner and a minor, the application may be submitted on your behalf by one of your parents or legal guardians. However, if you are at least 6 years old, you must be present when submitting your application. Do not forget that the documents – in Polish, in the original or in a sworn translation.

Documents confirming the circumstances specified in the application:

Also when processing documents for a minor if the parents:

  • live on the basis of a permanent residence permit or a long-term EU resident permit,
  • gave birth to this child after obtaining a permanent residence permit or a long-term EU resident permit,
  • to take care of this child

then you have to specify:

  1. Recognized in Poland documentation confirming kinship.
  2. Documentation confirming that the parents have the legally required residence permit.

A child of a Polish citizen remaining under the jurisdiction of his parents:

  • a document recognized in Poland confirming kinship;
  • parents’ marriage certificate or a certificate of recognition of the child as a Polish citizen (when the child was born before the official wedding);
  • a copy of the attorney’s ID card.

Marriage with Polish citizens:

  • current photocopy (photocopy) of the marriage certificate;
  • in the case of common children – a copy of the birth certificate;
  • documents on maintaining a common household, such as: joint bills, general living expenses, proof of a joint bank account or a power of attorney to the spouse’s bank account, general letters and photos from various stages of life, e.g. etc. or other documents confirming family life in the declared country place of residence.

If one stay lasts longer than 6 months and all stays exceed 10 months in total:

  • The documents show that the departure from Poland in the period under review was due to conditions (Art. 1. 195, Art. 4 of the Act of 12/12/2013 on foreigners).

Victims of human trafficking:

  • Documentation confirming cooperation with law enforcement authorities in criminal matters. § 189a § 1 of the Penal Code and justified fear of returning to the country of origin;
  • Evidence of compliance with tax obligations.
  • Stayed in Poland without interruptions for at least 5 years due to refugee status until submitting the application, under protection or for humanitarian reasons;
  • Documents required to confirm a five-year uninterrupted stay in Poland;
  • Decisions on granting refugee status, protection or for humanitarian reasons.

You have been granted asylum in Poland:

  • Documents confirming the granting of asylum.

Are you of Polish origin:

  • Original documents confirming Polish descent One of the parents, grandparents or two great-grandparents;
  • Original documents confirming kinship with Polish citizens

You have a valid Pole’s card:

  • A copy of a valid Pole’s card and the original for inspection;
  • Documents indicating the intention to settle permanently in Poland, i.e.
  • Documents confirming possible previous stay on the territory of the Republic of Poland;
  • Documents confirming the intention of permanent residence in Poland, such as a lease agreement or title to a house in the Republic of Poland. As well as documents of current and future long-term use: documents confirming work in Poland or conducting business activity in the territory of the Republic of Poland, family members in the Confirmation of permanent residence in Poland or a certificate of graduation and kinship.

Where can I apply for a permanent residence permit?

Complete applications can only be submitted via the inPOL portal for foreigners. In fact, in order to confirm compliance with the originals, the submitted copies of documents must be certified by a notary public or an official visiting the office in person. Stamping the passport is possible only when the application is submitted during a regularly scheduled visit together with the officially required attachments and fingerprints. And when there are no doubts as to the legality of the foreigner’s stay in Poland. The application for a residence permit should be submitted no later than on the last day of legal stay in Poland.

When is a permanent residence card issued?

According to Art. According to Art. 210 of the Polish Law on Foreigners, the decision on the permanent residence permit for foreigners is issued within 6 months from the date of occurrence of one of the following events:

  1. A foreigner submits an application for a permanent residence permit in person. Or appears in person at the voivodship office after submitting the application, unless the obligation to appear in person does not apply to the foreigner.
  2. The foreigner has submitted an application for a permanent residence permit without formal defects or has supplemented it.
  3. The alien shall file the documents specified in s. 203 within the time limit set by the governor.

Of course, keep in mind that the deadlines are counted from the date of the last event listed above.


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