A virtual office is a service that provides an address for company registration and a correspondence address, respectively. In practice, this means that the client uses our address as the address of his registered office.

Undoubtedly, our employees provide comprehensive service of incoming mail to the client. Namely: they inform about each new shipment, and, equally important, they place it in the client’s individual box and additionally scan it on request. Of course, the mail is waiting for collection by the customer or his representative 5 days a week from 9:30 to 16:30.

By choosing our office, you are definitely making a good choice.

Virtual office

Who are the virtual office services and for what purpose?

Virtual office services have been created and adapted to the needs of modern business. It allows you to quietly grow your business, change your place of business without having to update your mailing address or business address. The offered services allow our clients to give full business. Without having to devote time to changing the address in every document: from promotional materials, invoices and contracts with customers, to bank accounts etc. Virtual Office and Virtual Address are also ideal solutions for companies operating in the field, for which the rental of premises is an unnecessary expense.

The benefits of a virtual office when you are physically in another city or abroad

Virtual office is one of the main ideas behind virtual office services. The name “virtual office” itself suggests that, thanks to the Internet and new business opportunities, you can work with us wherever you are, whether it is in Poland or abroad. Contemporary economics knows no boundaries! Our company is skilfully using new global capabilities to ensure your reliability, discretion and good cooperation.


The contract is concluded for an indefinite period, with a notice of one month. Termination of the contract is clear, with a written statement of termination. A simple cooperation procedure proves that our goal is not to tie the client to a contract, but to guarantee a high level of our services.

Why cooperate with us:Business address, company registration

  1. Good location, Virtual Office Warsaw
  2. Close to the center,
  3. Convenient access both by public transport as well as by own means of transport,
  4. Parking place,
  5. Possibility of registering and to set up a company,
  6. Convenient handling of incoming correspondence.

Advantages of virtual office:

  1. Lower office maintenance costs,
  2. Minimize the number of employees,
  3. Professional correspondence service,
  4. Time savings associated with running an office.

    In conclusion: Relevant offices

    KRS (National Court Register):

    13th Commercial Division of the National Court Register of the District Court for the Capital City of Warsaw of Warsaw

    st. Czerniakowska 100, 00 – 454 Warsaw

    US (Tax Office):

    Tax Office Warsaw Praga

    st. Jagiellońska 15, 03-719 Warsaw

    ZUS (Social Insurance Institution):

    Social Insurance Institution II Branch in Warsaw

    st. Podskarbińska 25, 03-829 Warsaw

    GUS (Statistical Office):

    Central Statistical Office in Warsaw

    al. Niepodległości 208, 00-925 Warsaw

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