If you need PESEL number, our staff will be happy to help you to obtain it.


Obtaining PESEL number (for foreigners).


There are 2 ways in order to obtain PESEL number:

  1. At the time of registration in Poland for stay more, than 30 days – you will get PESEL number from the office automatically. According to important changes, regarding granting of PESEL number for foreigners, which came into force from the day 1th March 2015.
  2. Without registration you should submit the application in the municipal office with the necessity of indication of legal basis for obtaining PESEL number.
    In the case, if you can not to be registered, you need such documents:

    1. Application on granting PESEL number.
    2. Document, confirming the identity and other data, that you will write in the application.


The costs:

The service is free.


How long should you wait for granting of PESEL number:

The clerk will accept your application immediately. If there is legal basis for granting of PESEL number — you will receive a notification about granting of PESEL number.