In our accounting department, we perfectly understand the needs of modern business, especially in the field of Full accountancy.

We carry trade books for small, medium and large business entities, ie. full accountancy.

According to the law in Poland, companies that have exceeded revenues in the last fiscal year of EUR 1,200,000.00 are obliged to keep books of accounts. This also applies to all private equity companies, such as partnerships, limited partnerships, joint stock limited partnerships and public partnerships – regardless of the size of revenue.

Full accountancy - MAGFIN

Bookkeeping (full accounting):

  • making an opening balance,
  • current business transaction records,
  • keeping records of purchases and sales,
  • drawing up of registers and declarations of value added tax,
  • corporate income tax settlement,
  • keeping records of intangible assets,
  • preparation of financial statements and tax returns,
  • keeping records of fixed assets,
  • keeping records of equipment,
  • clearing contractors,
  • development of the Company’s Account Plan, document flow diagram, etc.,
  • preparation of interim and annual financial statements:
    – balance sheet,
    – profit and Loss Account,
    – additional information,
    – cash flows,
  • reporting to GUS,
  • making bank transfers,
  • supervision of current accounting,
  • consultancy on accounting.


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We are a reliable and professional business partner. We have extensive knowledge and many years of experience in the accounting services market. Accounting outsourced to our company is not only convenience but also safety and a high culture of cooperation.

We take full responsibility for the work entrusted to us.