Accounting services provided by our accounting office are primarily distinguished by respect for deadlines and legal procedures.

Of course, we present the current price list accordingly.

Price list – Accounting services

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Additional information on the price list

The price list of accounting services, on the one hand, is determined individually for each client. Taking into account the complexity of the work, the type of business, the chosen method of taxation and settlements with the tax office. And, on the other hand, the terms of cooperation favorable to both parties. It is worth noting that the price is not the only aspect of cooperation with the accounting office. In fact, although price is an important factor, it should not be the only deciding when choosing an accountant. Therefore, in order to illustrate what conditions are beneficial for customers, it is worth mentioning a few examples. These, in particular, include: the proper quality of services, punctuality, accessibility and obligation to complete the tasks. And this is a small part. Specifically, in the case of an accounting office, it is important that it has good quality.

Pay attention to the cost of accounting entries and bank statements.

Even more so, we do not charge additional fees for accounting services as part of the settlement of the cash report and bank statements. If the average number of transactions is at the level of the number of documents per month. On the one hand, there is a document limit, which, on the contrary, causes each accounting entry from the cash report and bank statement to cost PLN 2.00. On the other hand, if the number of documents does not exceed the limit, there are no additional fees. Nevertheless, our accounting services are noteworthy because we provide the highest quality. While our clients use our services, we make sure that all documents are carefully checked and converted. Recently, we have increased our team to meet the growing needs of our customers. After all, yet we keep our prices competitive.

Price list – Virtual Office


Price list – Work permit, residence card


We are pleased to announce that our price list also includes our accounting services as part of a promotional offer. In fact, our offer is more advantageous than that of the competition. In addition, we were the first company in the industry to introduce many innovative solutions, which certainly attracts customers. Undoubtedly, the quality of our services is at the highest level, and at the same time the prices are very competitive. Therefore, more and more customers use our services. In addition, we offer a unique approach to each client, because customer satisfaction is important to us. All in all, our offer is very attractive, to sum up, we encourage you to use our accounting services at a promotional price.


  • You will receive monthly or quarterly income statements for FREE, for example. At the same time, we suggest beneficial solutions to our clients seeking tax optimization. You can make extra savings while keeping in mind that otherwise it is just as important to manage your finances properly. To this end, our specialists will advise you on what steps should be taken first and which can be implemented later.*

Learn more about referral discount

  • Discount for the recommendation: If you recommend us to your friends with whom we sign a contract, we can get a 10% discount on one-month service. During this time, the company will provide you with services in accordance with the signed contract. This is an advantageous offer that is worth paying attention to, because it allows you to save costs. On the one hand, it can be said that the company focuses on the quality of its services and wants to satisfy its customers. On the other hand, it can also be a marketing strategy to attract new customers. Nevertheless, the offer is attractive, it is worth taking advantage of it so that it is not a waste. Although the offer is only available to people who have been referred by other customers, it is a win-win situation for all parties. While the company can get new customers, referrals can take advantage of the discount, which is beneficial for them. Unlike other offers on the market, this offer is addressed only to a selected group of people, but this does not mean that it is worse than others. The first step to take is to find someone who will recommend our company, the second is to sign a contract, the third is to use our services at a discount. Then it is worth paying attention to the quality of the services we provide, and then to the opinion of other customers. Finally, you will notice a 10% discount on services.*

*Besides, it is equally important that the promotions in the price list do not combine with each other.

We certainly invite you to a meeting to discuss the details of cooperation. To this end, we will first discuss issues related to expectations regarding our cooperation. On the one hand, we know that our companies operate in different industries, however, there are still many opportunities for cooperation. On the other hand, some challenges that may arise during the implementation of the project should be taken into account.
While we focus on various aspects, your company can focus on marketing issues. Unlike competitors working in a narrow specialization, we offer comprehensive solutions that take into account the needs of our customers.
Next, we will discuss the schedule and cost of the project. Although our companies differ in size, we will strive to find the optimal solution for both parties.

Finally, we would like to announce:
The presented price offer is for informational purposes only. It is not a commercial offer within the meaning of Article 66 part 1 of the Civil Code.

We are aware of the changes made by the Government to the POLISH LAW package.

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