In order to legally work in Poland as a foreigner, it is necessary to obtain a Work permit.

What is it and why is it needed?

This document is crucial for working in the country, as it is illegal to work without one. Failure to obtain a Work permit can result in legal consequences:

  • financial sanctions,
  • deportation,
  • a ban on entry into Poland for a certain period of time.

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in order to obtain a WORK PERMIT


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How to get poland Work permit?

To obtain a Work permit, the first step is to find an employer who will hire you in Poland. MAGFIN, as an agency for issuing Work permits in Poland, can assist in preparing the necessary documents and formalities.
Several types of Work permits are available in Poland. Next, we describe all options. The key to obtaining a permit is submitting a properly completed application and a full set of required documents.
At MAGFIN, specialized staff will complete the permit application on your behalf and submit it to the appropriate administration. We can also help you gather any missing documents as requested by the office. If you require assistance in obtaining a Work permit in Poland, please do not hesitate to contact us.

You can count on our help at every stage of the procedure.

When applying for a Work permit, it’s crucial to attach the required documents to the application, including:

  • Passport
  • Permission to stay
  • Contract
  • Criminal record certificate
  • Registry entry, etc.

If you are a foreigner who is qualified for a particular job, you can apply for a Work permit.
The processing time for a Work permit in Poland can vary greatly, from a few days to several months. Depending on your individual situation and the type of permit you require.

Issuing a work permit for a foreigner on the territory of the Republic of Poland - MAGFIN

At MAGFIN, we’re committed to supporting you from start to finish.

Work permits are issued by the voivod upon the employer’s request, and they specify important details such as:

  • The employer’s name.
  • The position and type of work that the foreigner will perform.
  • The work locations.
  • The foreigner’s compensation (whether hourly, monthly or yearly).
  • The type of contract, such as employment, mandate or specific work.
  • The full-time job status or the number of working hours per month.
  • The validity period of the permit.

Extension of a foreigner’s Work permit – how to do it?

When it comes to Work permits, it is important to note that they are valid for a limited time. And must be renewed so that employees to continue working legally. However, extending a foreign worker’s permit requires meeting certain conditions. The employer must apply for the extension of the Work permit on time. It is important to provide complete and up-to-date information about the employee and their place of work. The application must also explain why it is necessary to hire a foreigner. What skills and qualifications does he have, what is necessary for the job.
It is important to remember that Work permit renewals may be refused. For example, if the employee has not fulfilled all the necessary requirements for work in Poland. Or, if the employer has violated any rules for the employment of foreigners. Before applying for an extension of a Work permit, you need to consult with our specialists. To make sure that the employee fulfills all the necessary conditions.

Poland has various types of Permit to work (A, B, C, D, E, S)

  • A – type: Work permit type A in Poland for foreigners who have signed an agreement with a company registered in Poland.
  • B – type: For foreigners who will work on the management board of a legal person registered in Poland.
  • C – type: For foreign workers delegated to a branch or plant of a foreign company in Poland for more than 30 days in a calendar year.
  • D – type: For foreigners who are providing temporary and occasional services for a foreign employer in Poland, without any branch or plant in the country (export service).
  • E – type: For foreigners who will be in Poland for more than 30 days in the next six months for purposes other than those specified in Type B, C, or D permits.
  • S – type: For foreigners who will work in Poland for up to 9 months in a calendar year as part of seasonal activities (seasonal permit).

What are the fees for a Work permit in Poland?

To submit an application, the appropriate fee must be paid, which varies based on the duration of employment and the type of permit required:

  1. For employing a foreigner for less than 3 months, the fee is PLN 50.
  2. However, if the employment period is longer than 3 months, the fee increases to PLN 100.
  3. For a type D Work permit, which is meant for foreigners who are delegated to Poland to perform export services, the fee is PLN 200.

Employment of a foreigner without a permit – Is it worth breaking Polish law?

Employing a foreigner without a permit can have severe consequences for both the employee and employer under Polish law. The regulations state that foreigners can only work in Poland if they have a valid Work permit. If an employee works in Poland without a valid Work permit, their stay and work in the country will be deemed illegal. In such cases, the employee may face serious financial and administrative sanctions. He can be deported from Poland and included in the list of undesirable persons. Furthermore, the employee will not be entitled to social and health benefits or insurance coverage.

The consequences of not having a Work permit also apply to the employer. If a worker is contracted without a valid Work permit, the employer is subject to high financial penalties. And it can run into problems with regulatory authorities. Furthermore, such an employee will not be covered by insurance, which could lead to serious consequences in the event of an accident at work.
Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that you possess the appropriate Work permit and that the work you perform is legal before starting work in Poland!

Why is it worth using the MAGFIN offer?

Our website provides information to help you understand the importance of having a Work permit in Poland and the consequences of not having one. At MAGFIN, we offer competitive prices for obtaining Work permits and guarantee a smooth and efficient application process. Our team of administration experts is always ready to assist and advise clients. That’s why more and more customers choose MAGFIN as their partner in obtaining Work permit in Poland for foreigners.
Therefore, if you are looking for experts in the field of Work permits in Poland from India, Ukraine, Dubai, Pakistan, Kuwait, UAE, Qatar, Nepali and other countries, MAGFIN is just for you! Contact us today and see how we can help you!

MAGFIN has been successfully operating on the market since 2011!

During this time, she gained extensive experience in obtaining Work permits for foreigners. Our experts know the procedures and formal requirements perfectly.
At MAGFIN, we don’t treat our clients as numbers in the queue. Each client is treated individually, professionally and with full commitment. Our approach is based on listening to the needs of clients and advising them on the best solutions that will allow them to obtain a Work permit in Poland. It is difficult for a foreigner to independently understand the Polish legislation. We will clearly explain the possibilities that the client can use. Fast and efficient processes of applying for Work permits are always a priority for MAGFIN.

Not only individuals use our services, but also companies that employ foreigners. Our offer includes comprehensive services for companies in obtaining Work permits for employees from outside the EU. We have references from many companies that can always count on our support and professional service.

If you need help in obtaining a Work permit in Poland, use the services of MAGFIN!

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