Service for Foreigners

Our foreigners service office offers clients extensive support in the area of rights of residence in Poland, all types of work permits in Poland, obtaining visas and invitations for foreigners to Poland. We help to arrange legal staying in Poland – from the arrival with through all kinds of permits, obtaining official certificates, to setting up your own business here. We speak Polish, English and Russian.


We provide comprehensive accounting services for small and medium-sized businesses with full bookkeeping recorded in the income and expense ledger. We aim to provide professional and reliable accounting and tax services to our clients. We will answer to all questions regarding the tax aspects of domestic and foreign transactions, as well as finance and accounting.

Construction Cost Estimates

Our office deals with the preparation of all kinds of construction cost estimates on request. Our offer includes cost estimates, investor cost estimates, as-built cost estimates and bills of quantities (blind cost estimates). We prepare simplified or detailed cost estimate for building.

Business consulting

Comprehensive economic consulting, provided by our accounting office, will help your company to improve its financial condition and streamline business operations. Through the implementation of developed plans, analyzes and statements, business management will be an easy and pleasant task.

Accounting Office MAGFIN Magdalena Smędzik is a company that puts on modern solutions, has extensive knowledge and willingness to work.

Our specialists have many years of experience in finance, business consulting and accounting of small, medium and large companies. Experienced employees will support you in all aspects of business management.

Why Our Accounting Office?

Accounting books are kept in accordance with the applicable rights, ie we hold a license from the Ministry of Finance.

List of people with an accounting certificate

The activity of the office is covered by the third party liability insurance.

In order to meet the expectations of entrepreneurs, we provide comprehensive accounting services and Staff and wages at competitive prices, as well as in the field of business consulting and cost estimates.

What distinguishes us from other Accounting Offices?

  • For our clients seeking tax optimization, we advise on the best solutions.
  • Within the framework of cooperation we provide tax support.
  • Our tax returns are sent electronically at no additional charge.
  • We represent the customer before the state budget institutions.

Our accounting office is a team of specialists who have gained their professional experience through many years of practice in accounting, costing and business. We provide top-quality accounting, payroll, advisory and cost accounting services aimed at providing the best possible service to our clients through personalized approach to each case, active business support, freedom of communication and the highest standards of trust in terms of reliability and compliance.

We take care that our solutions allow our customers to operate more effectively and efficiently.