MAGFIN Accounting Office Magdalena Smędzik

The MAGFIN office perfectly understands the needs of modern enterprises.

We are a reliable and professional business partner. First of all, we have extensive knowledge and many years of experience in the accounting services market. Accounting outsourced to our company is not only convenience, but also safety and a high culture of cooperation.

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Legalization of Stay

MAGFIN company offers support in the field of the right to stay in Poland all in all. Namely: all types of work permits in Poland, obtaining visas and inviting foreigners to Poland. We help in the entire process of living in Poland. Specifically, from job placement and arrival, through all kinds of permits, obtaining official certificates and opinions. To setting up a foreigner’s own company. Even more, we speak Polish, English and Russian.logo MAGFIN - Work Permit

Settlement office

We provide comprehensive accounting services for small and medium businesses. Useful for those who maintain a complete accounting and the Book of Revenue and Expenditure. Accordingly, our office aims to provide professional and reliable accounting and tax services to its clients. Certainly, we will provide you with answers to all your questions. For example, regarding tax aspects related to domestic and foreign transactions, as well as finance and bookkeeping.
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Employment agency

MAGFIN company is an employment agency facilitating communication between employees and employers in Poland. We are faced with the task of employing specialists of various skill levels and people in the most sought-after professions. Our office facilitates the employment of permanent and seasonal employees, including foreigners. MAGFIN provides the function of searching and selecting the best candidates for a vacant position from among Employers. The contract between the company and the employer sets out the obligations, including the selection of candidates and the provision of information.

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Construction Estimates

Our cost estimate office prepares all kinds of construction cost estimates on request. Therefore, ask us about every unique offer. Our offer includes offer cost estimates, investor cost estimates, as-built cost estimates and even bills of quantities (blind estimates). Accordingly, we prepare a construction cost estimate in a simplified or detailed way.

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Management consultancy

Firstly, In addition, our comprehensive economic consulting will help your company comprehensively. Secondly, On the one hand, to improve your financial condition, and on the other hand, to optimize business operations. Certainly, by implementing, with our help, developed plans, analyzes and summaries, business management will be an easy and pleasant task.

The MAGFIN Magdalena Smędzik Accounting Office is a company that focuses on modern solutions, respectively has extensive substantive knowledge and willingness to work.

Undoubtedly, our specialists have many years of experience in finance, economic consulting and bookkeeping for small, medium and large enterprises. Undoubtedly, experienced employees will support you in all aspects of business management.

Why Our Accounting Office?

Accounting books are kept in accordance with the applicable rights, ie we hold a license from the Ministry of Finance.

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List of persons holding an accounting certificate (download file here)

The activity of the office is covered by third party liability insurance for the services provided.

To meet the expectations of entrepreneurs, we certainly provide comprehensive accounting and HR and payroll services, even more so, at competitive prices. And also in the field of economic consulting and construction cost estimates.

What distinguishes us from other Accounting Offices?

  • For our clients striving for tax optimization, we advise on beneficial solutions.
  • Of course, as part of our cooperation, we provide tax support.
  • We send our client’s tax returns electronically at no extra charge.
  • We also represent the client before state budget institutions.

Our accounting office is a team consisting of specialists who have gained their professional experience through many years of practice in accounting, cost estimates and business. We provide the highest quality accounting, HR and payroll, consulting and cost estimation services, on the one hand, the purpose of which is to provide the best possible service to our clients through an individual approach to each case. On the other hand, active business support, freedom in communication and the highest standards of trust in terms of reliability and compliance with regulations.

First of all, we make sure that our solutions allow our clients to operate more efficiently and effectively.