A foreigner with the aim of obtaining the temporary residence and work permit, is obliged to submit an application for a temporary residence and work permit personally or electronically at the latest on the last day of legal stay in Poland to the appropriate voivode, taking into account the place of his stay.

When submitting an application, a foreigner will be asked to submit fingerprints and submit the original of a valid travel document (passport). A temporary residence permit is granted for a period from 3 months to 3 years, with the possibility of applying for a permit extension.

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Necessary documents for submitting the application:

  • 3 copies of the completed application for granting a temporary residence permit,
  • 4 current color photos, in size 35 mm x 45 mm,
  • 2 photocopies of a valid travel document (original is available for inspection),
  • confirmation of payment of the stamp duty.

And documents confirming the circumstances indicated in the application:

  1. Original of starost’s information or a document confirming the exemption from this obligation.
  2. Documents, confirming health insurance or coverage by the insurer of treatment costs on the territory of the Republic of Poland.
  3. Documents confirming having a place of residence in Poland, e.g. rental agreement, lending agreement, confirmation of registration, declaration (reservation) from the hotel.
  4. A declaration of tax clearance.
  5. A work certificate from the last employer (in the case when a foreigner previously has been working for another employer).
  6. Documents confirming the possession of a stable and regular income, which is sufficient to cover the cost of living for oneself and for family members to maintain them. For a single person running a household the amount will be more than PLN 701.00 net, and for a person in a family the amount is more than PLN 528.00 net. The confirmation will be, for example, an employment contract, a PIT return on the amount of income earned for the last tax year or a relevant declaration from ZUS.


When submitting an application, the stamp duty amounts to PLN 440.

The payment for temporary residence and work permit for a foreigner performing a function on the management board of a limited liability company (LLC), or a joint-stock company (JSC) that does not have shares or stocks, is 340 PLN.

The fee for issuing a residence card is PLN 50 (fee is charged at the time of receipt of the decision).

A foreigner, who has obtained a temporary residence permit in Poland, receives a residence card.

The residence card confirms the identity of an foreigner during his stay on the territory of the Republic of Poland and entitles him, together with the travel document, to multiple border crossings without the need to obtain a visa.

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