Staff and wages

External staffing and salary calculations are the solution that frees the employer from the development of human resources. Frequent changes to the Labor Code and regulations of ZUS require constant monitoring of regulations.

The staff and payroll outsourced by our accounting office is a solution that reduces the administrative costs of the company and ensures the correctness of the personnel documentation.

We present you comprehensive settlement service with ZUS and Revenue


Settlements with the Social Insurance Institution – making declarations, calculating contributions, transferring electronically to ZUS

Settlements with the Tax Office – drafting the PIT declaration

As well as conducting personnel and payroll matters for employees


Making payroll,

Making insured reports of insured persons (RMUA);

Preparing for the Board all kinds of employment reports,

Drawing up benefits cards,

Keeping records of leave, sick leave and benefit periods,

Calculation of advances on personal income tax,

Calculating ZUS contributions,

Preparation of tax returns and ZUS,

Running payroll cards,

Preparing annual information on earned income and collected advances on personal income tax,

Annual tax settlement of employees who, according to the law, report such an employer request,

Preparation of salary strips and information on contributions ZUS for employees.

Taking responsibility for the correctness of settlements with employees, Revenue and Social Security will free you from the arduous duties involved and will reduce your costs for human resources and payroll and increase the confidentiality of your payroll data.


Staff and payroll outsourced to a third party is a modern solution that can also be applied to your business. Payroll and staffing will become our task.