Occupational Health and Safety
Every employer is obliged to provide OSH training (preliminary and periodic). There are many companies that provide occupational health and safety services for employees and employers, as well as training programs tailored to specific jobs.

The employer’s basic duties in this regard are regulated by the Labor Code (eg, Article 207 of the Civil Code, paragraph 1 [2]) and the regulation on general health and safety at work and health and safety at work regulations in various industries.

Every newly-hired employee in the company should have a general training on occupational health and safety and occupational training. General instruction is carried out by the person or company appointed by the employer. The duration of such instruction may not be less than 90 minutes. The positioning instruction can be carried out directly by the supervisor.

The first periodic training must take place within the first 12 months of the date of employment. For managers, this period is shorter and is 6 months. Further training takes place in accordance with the Regulation:

Once a year – concerns Workers employed in dangerous work positions.
Once every 3 years Workers employed in worker posts,
Once every 5 years. Employers and managers,
Once every 6 years – concerns Office and administrative workers,
Such training lasts from 8h to 16h, or 32h for employees of occupational health and safety.

The employer is required to keep the following documentation:

Pre-registration card in the field of health and safety at work,
Statements about the employee’s health and safety training,
Pre-retraining and periodic training program tailored to the specific nature of the workplace, developed by the employer or employer-designated organizational unit conducting training activities in the field of health and safety at work.